Many experience brought me become I am for today.
All things as fear, anger, frustration, and immobility, love, light…
Love and care other is good. Compassionate is lovely.
But love, care, compassionate must be balance
between love to other and love to ourselves
At last it brought me on experience to love ourselves too

If you meet other people who still work for their life homework,
Just send love and care to them.
But still, send love and care also to yourselves.

When you love yourself, you will be far less vulnerable to someone coming on strong with their attention and approval. When you give yourself the attention and approval you need, then it’s far easier to discern when someone is trying to score with you, or when they are genuinely caring about who you are in your essence.

The key to falling in love and staying in love is to first learn to love yourself!
Do…. love yourself … and smile to the world ..

Where ever you are
Who ever you are
No matter things you’ve done to me,

Thank you

I love you all, and
I love you too, myself …

To all light worker who work for their life homework